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  • 13th November, 2017

    World Maths in Motion Day 2017 Results!

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    What a brilliant time of racing was had at the Monaco circuit last Thursday!  

    The excitement kicked off with the very first practice lap of the day being run in Western Australia by Matthew Morgan, Eaton Community College, just over an hour after the competition had started!   

    We then received a truly amazing further 13,000 entries, with the last lap time coming in from Alex Gurney, Darton College, England, with just 20 seconds to go before the deadline!

    Judging from the emails and messages you have sent us, you have really enjoyed taking part in this ‘mini’ competition so shall we say we’ll do it again in 2018?  We think so!

    The prizes include, amongst other things, memorabilia from the Monaco GP and here are the prizewinners:-

    Winner – Danny Jones, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, 67.904s

    Runner Up – Andrew Constantine, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, 67.907s

    Third Place – Jake Simey, Prestwood Junior School, 67.979s

    And here are the rest of the top 70 lap times:  

    (Driver Name,School,Lap Time s)

    Ben Hencken,Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys,68.018
    Caitlin Vine,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,68.044
    Chloe Fice,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,68.044
    Dan Law Queen,Elizabeth’s Academy,68.094
    Ellie Hinds,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,68.094
    Tom Lewis,Aylesbury Grammar School,68.122
    Charlie Weeden,Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys,68.223
    Jas Kang,Highgate School,68.243
    Freya Corssen,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,68.351
    Sambhav Chadha,The Glasgow Academy Senior School,68.354
    Luke Vercoe,Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys,68.388
    Areez Kurji,St Mary’s C of E Primary School,68.422
    Ollie Haines,St Mary’s C of E Primary School,68.431
    Oliver Spicer,St Mary’s C of E Primary School,68.448
    Huned Mamajiwala,Aylesbury Grammar School,68.503
    Thomas Hinson,Aylesbury Grammar School,68.594
    Leighton Crow,Darton College,68.597
    James Olney,The Glasgow Academy Senior School,68.652
    Dan Holmwood,Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys,68.746
    Omar Maaouane,The Compton School,68.754
    Kavya Gandecha,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,68.784
    Joshua Franklin,Tollbar Academy,68.801
    Muhammad Moeen,Aylesbury Grammar School,68.839
    James King,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,68.866
    Phoebe Cammish,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,68.878
    Cody Beckett,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy 68.98
    Mason Corbishley,St Anne’s C.E. (VC) Primary School,68.983
    Ray Zhang,The British School of Guangzhou,68.99
    Alex Austen,Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys,69.005
    6 Dodge,Turnfurlong Junior School,69.089
    Josh Merrin,The Mountbatten School,69.125
    Asheton Gerrard,St Anne’s C.E. (VC) Primary School,69.153
    Param Ranger,St Mary’s C of E Primary School,69.153
    6 RollsRoyce,Turnfurlong Junior School,69.174
    Sol Graves,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,69.195
    Tom Getty,Shrewsbury High Prep School and Nursery,69.206
    James Olney,The Glasgow Academy Senior School,69.266
    Reza Pirbhai,Highgate School,69.318
    Leo Pichler,Aylesbury Grammar School,69.335
    Daniel Fletcher,The Royal School, Wolverhampton,69.344
    Georgia Leese,Shrewsbury High Prep School and Nursery,69.474
    Karen Lu,Shrewsbury High Prep School and Nursery,69.526
    Damian Dennis,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,69.553
    Theo Kendall,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,69.557
    George Quick,St Mary’s C of E Primary School,69.573
    Mala Fawsett,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,69.575
    Andrew Bottomley,Highgate School,69.591
    Danielle Cox,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,69.594
    Sophie Odling-Short,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,69.622
    Ella Wholey,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,69.879
    George Littlewood,Tullynessle School,69.916
    Morgan Hurford,Shrewsbury High Prep School and Nursery,69.963
    Ben Wilderer,Shrewsbury High Prep School and Nursery,70.015
    Frankie Kirk,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,70.024
    Edward Ogilvie,Orford CEVAP School,70.043
    5 Ferrari,Turnfurlong Junior School,70.147
    Alex Gurney,Darton College,70.147
    6 Sauber,Turnfurlong Junior School,70.165
    Kevin Chen,The Glasgow Academy Senior School,70.207
    6 Ferrari,Turnfurlong Junior School,70.22
    Barnaby Hargreaves,St Christopher’s C E High School,70.224
    Tanveer Hannan,Aylesbury Grammar School,70.226
    Emily Tuplin,St Peter & St Paul’s Cof E Primary School,70.231
    Lily Glew,Portsmouth High School,70.263
    Toby Brookes,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,70.308
    Lewis Heywood,Queen Elizabeth’s Academy,70.348


    Well done everybody and don’t forget that the Christmas Fun Race at Hockenheim is just five weeks away!