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  • 13th June, 2017

    Shrewsbury High School host Maths in Motion ‘Taster’ Day!


    Shrewsbury High School have today hosted their own special event at school. Below is a short report by Mr. Sturrock of the day.

    “Our Prep team will be at the Jaguar Maths in Motions National Finals next week but today we welcomed 11 Shropshire schools and 68 pupils to Prep to try their hand at Maths in Motion. Each team has to use their maths and engineering skills to race a formula one car around the track – clever maths can see you storm into first place but if you misjudge the angle of the bends or don’t take into account the weather conditions, you can crash out! Thank you to Coleham, Greenfields, Oak Meadow, Prestfelde, St Georges, Radbrook, Harlescott, Newdale, The Grange, Wilfred Owen and Greenacres for joining us today and a huge congratulations to third place Oak Meadow, second place Greenfields and today’s winners – Harlescott Junior School!

    The teachers that came were so impressed and the children loved it. One teacher said she couldn’t believe how engaged the children were. Even during break and lunch time the children were sneaking back in to try and alter their cars.”