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  • 28th November, 2015

    Two more Centres of Excellence!

    We are delighted to announce that we have appointed two new Centres of Excellence – Blackwood Comprehensive for South Wales and Queen Elizabeth’s School, Crediton for South West England. Both schools will be able to help and support local teachers should the need arise. Quote just in: “This Challenge has a proven track record moving...

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  • 14th October, 2015

    Jaguar Apprentices Hit the Fast Lane!

    Fifteen year 2 apprentices came to the Browns Lane Education Business Partnership Centre today to find out what the Challenge was all about. Little did they realise that they were actually going to set up fifteen cars and race them! The course was organised by April Wickens, Jaguar Community Affairs, to help show the apprentices...

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  • 16th July, 2015

    CREST Bronze Award = CU Passport to Learning

    We’ve just found out that if you get a CREST BRONZE award it also counts as 10hrs towards the Children’s University Passport to Learning. How good is that? By taking part in the Challenge, students will already be demonstrating many of the skills they need to obtain a CREST Bronze Award, for example, working systematically,...

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