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  • 7th March, 2017

    February Fastest Laps!

    February has seen a lot of activity in the software with thousands of practice laps being completed in the run up to the start of the knockout competition. We have students from FIVE countries represented on the list and it’s great to see that there are some teachers keeping their hands in as well! If your name is on the list, don’t forget to tell everyone you know that they can see a record of your achievement on our Facebook and Twitter pages too!

    The Fastest practice laps for FEBRUARY 2017 were achieved by:

    Track Establishment User Lap time
    Albert Park, Auchmuty High School, Sam Prendergast, 77.307s
    Auto H. Rodriguez, Chatham & Clarendon Grammar, Peter C, 74.612s
    Bahrain, Harrow Intl Beijing, Leah Wang, 74.693s
    Baku City, Prestwood Junior, Pratham Bhargava, 110.597s
    Barbagallo, Roundhay St John’s C of E, Dilip Chaggar, 53.448s
    Buddh Intl, Roundhay St John’s C of E, Arjun Singh, 75.567s
    Catalunya, Butlers Court Combined, William Sargent, 72.467s
    Circ of the Americas, Chatham & Clarendon Grammar, George C, 85.964s
    Gilles Villeneuve, Watford GSB, Thomas Tim, 71.342s
    Hungaroring, Countesthorpe Community, Daniel Lascelles, 78.198s
    Knockhill, Myton School, James Holt, 54.043s
    Marina Bay, Singapore, Bierton C of E (VC) Combined, Millie Brindle, 110.63s0
    Monaco, Mountbatten School, Jacob Corney, 69.593s
    Monza, Shrewsbury High Prep School and Nursery, Louis Crofts, 75.062s
    Prince George, Holmer Green Junior, Iris Chong, 71.293s
    Red Bull Ring, Myton School, Tom Owen, 70.466s
    Rookie Raceway, Chalfont St Giles Junior, Mr Holmes, 92.455s
    Sepang Intl, Liss Junior, School Master, 97.548s
    Shanghai Intl, Waverley RCP, Phil Coleman, 91.889s
    Silverstone, David Hughes Academy, Phoebe Potts, 84.507s
    Sochi Intl, Watford GSB, Thomas Tim, 103.267s
    Spa, Kings Norton Primary, Joe Reali, 104.238s
    Suzuka, British School of Guangzhou, Ray Zhang, 88.577s
    Yas Marina, Trenton High, Cindy Summers, 93.423s17097595_1366049133457863_4900121648454705813_o