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  • 30th October, 2017

    Christmas Fun Race – Information for Existing Users



    Here we go!!!!!  With the World Maths in Motion Day coming up fast on 9th November, (and thousands of children seemingly already getting warmed up to take part in it!), we thought today would be a good time to set up the Christmas Fun Races for you all so that you can keep the enthusiasm going right into the end of term. 

    As you will notice when you next log in to School Admin/Challenge Races, there are two new race tickets ready and waiting for you.  One race ticket (Hockenheim) is for students up to and including age 16 and the other race (Monza) is for YOU!


    This year, the deadline for submissions for both races is 12th December at 17:00 hours:


    Race 1 – Students: Xmas Fun Race – Hockenheim, 59 laps

    Race 2 – Teachers: Xmas – Teachers only – Monza, 47 laps


    If we get sufficient entries for Race 1 (and we usually do) we will split it into separate ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ competition races.  There will, in any event, be prizes for the top three ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ teams.


    As for Race 2, it’s ’All against All’ and you might want to race your car against some younger drivers before you submit it. 


    We have lots of lovely prizes for each race so please put a note in your diaries that the submission deadline is 17:00 on Tuesday 12th December and there is nothing we can do to extend it.


    The race setups are already done for you so all you need to do is create cars for yourself (and someone to race against) at Monza, get your children to create cars for their ‘Hockenheim’ race in their garages and then get stuck in!  Do remember that you can only have 2 practice races (these are not practice laps).


    Good luck to you all and I’ll be in touch again a bit nearer to the deadline.