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   get-attachment   Mai-Lan beats 1,000 competitors at the Big Bang Fair!

Can you get the fastest lap around Monaco? That was the task we set at the Big Bang Fair and Mai-Lan won herself a radio controlled Jaguar XK and some other Jaguar ‘goodies’ for doing just that, in an amazing time of 79.304s!  Well done Mai-Lan.  Here she is pictured with Brian and her prize.

Cars Maths in Motion Home User Version

The Home User Version of Cars Maths in Motion is now available!. Have a look at www.mathsinmotion.com and see what we’ve done with your favourite software!



Have a look at the above video and see for yourself what an exciting Challenge this is! The video was made during the 2013 National Final event. For more information about the Final, and to see over 200 photographs of the day, click here.

Welcome to The Challenge

The Challenge is now in its 12th season and, if the emails and teacher evaluations we receive are anything to go by, it is getting more popular than ever before! Our aims are simple; to help raise standards of achievement in mathematics across an age range of 9 to 16, to help motivate students generally, to show students of all abilities that maths can be fun and that there is a reason for doing it! Using tried and tested software that simulates the setting up of a racing car, students will encounter a variety of mathematical tasks (some practical) in an effort to win a series of races! The competitiveness of the Challenge will keep your students focussed for months! Just look at what is covered…

- Percentages
- Multiplication, Division
- Calculator work (or not!)
- Decimals, rounding, context
- Ratios, chance, risk, strategy
- Angles, measurement, scale
- Speed, distance, time
- Maths modelling… what happens if?
- Engine performance, aerodynamics, gears, suspension
- Team strategy, working together
- Interpreting graphs, statistics
- Data handling
- Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
- Functional Maths Skills
- And can you imagine what you could achieve in your STEM Club as well?

The Challenge is now recognised as something that not only motivates both the students and teachers who take part, it also brings a freshness to the teaching and learning of mathematics across the board. Indeed, from teacher feedback, it has become clear that the Challenge, and what it is achieving, is stretching way beyond the maths classroom and into all walks of school life! Why not contact us today and let your students join in the fun?


The Challenge is recognised by the STEM Directories as being a scheme to enhance and enrich the learning of students and are also linked to the curriculum of all years and age groups. Click here for more information.

We are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded the CPD Standard accreditation from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics for our teacher training courses. If you are interested in finding out more about these please contact us or for our range of training courses, click here.


Students taking part in the Challenge are eligible to register for a Bronze CREST Award as we are a ‘Linked Scheme’.

Click Here for full details.


As an approved Linked Scheme, we are delighted to confirm that time spent working on the Challenge completing a CREST Bronze Award can now count towards the ‘Skills’ section for a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award too! This section of the DofE aims to inspire young people to develop practical skills, and personal interests – just like the Challenge!

You can find out more about this at by clicking here or by contacting your local CREST co-ordinator.



Recent News

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2013/14 1st Knockout Round Races

28th March 2014

The Regional Races have been run and can be watched by going to School Admin/Challenge Races in the software. Well done everyone who took part and let’s all wish the semi-finalists the best of luck!

A poem by Chloe and Imogen (Hemlington Hall Academy School)

12th February 2014

Why We Love Jaguar Maths

We love Jaguar, it’s the best
It is certainly better than the rest
Every step we learn
Is a new corner we turn
So don’t delay
Make the Final today!

Christmas Fun Races!

12th December 2013

The races have been run and you will need to load up your software to watch them! Good luck everyone!

A Day Out in the Fast Lane!

29th November 2013

A group of pupils from the Maths in Motion Club at The Compton School, LB of Barnet, visited Silverstone race circuit today as part of their prize for being the 2013 Overall National Champions. Click here to read the report that was sent to us by Amirali, Y7.

Teacher training days in Newham

10th and 11th October 2013

The last two days of teacher training in the Borough were successfully completed and Natasha won the last race of all! Well done everyone for making these days so enjoyable…..here’s to next year!

The 2013 National Final

26th June 2013

Click here for a full report and pictures.

We visit Great Ormond Street Hospital School

17th June 2013/

We have just spent a lovely afternoon at Gt. Ormond Street Hospital School and are delighted to tell everyone that they are going to do this year’s Challenge. The children (never mind the teachers!) think that the 2014 trophy has their name on it!! Are there any more hospital school’s out there wanting to join in?

World Exclusive Interview

22nd March 2013

Two budding writers at All Saints Primary, Bury, interviewed Brian about MIM. Click here to see what they found out!

1st Knockout Round

21st March 2013

Click here to see if you made it through to the semi-final.

GDST has first race

28th February 2013

Click here to see what happened in the first Girls Day School Trust Race.