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We have been working hard recently with some of the new Maths Hubs and the end result is that we have 7 teacher training days coming up next term!  Most of them are FREE! Click here for more information.

We are also exhibiting at STEMFest Kent and Medway on 4th June – why not come along and see us in person?. Click here for further details.


What the Challenge involves... watch the children who do it!!

Have a look at the above video and see for yourself what an exciting Challenge this is! The video was made during the 2013 National Final event. For more information about the Final, and to see over 350 photographs of the day, click here. There are also some video clips on YouTube at JagCarsMIMChallenge.

Welcome to The Challenge

The Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge is now in its 14th season and, if the emails and teacher evaluations we receive are anything to go by, it is getting more popular than ever before! It has engaged and motivated more than 1,000,000 young people over the last decade. Our aims are simple; to help raise standards of achievement in mathematics across an age range of 8 to 16, to help motivate students generally, to show students of all abilities that maths can be fun and that there is a reason for doing it! We are also committed to helping them consider taking up careers in engineering wherever possible! Using tried and tested ‘Cloud’ based software that simulates the setting up of a racing car, students, working in small teams, complete a series of STEM relevant tasks in an effort to produce the perfect car.  This ‘virtual’ car is then entered into a competitive race in the hope of winning it.  The Challenge also involves students racing against teams from other schools and countries.The competitiveness of the Challenge will keep your students focussed for months! Just look at what is covered…

- Percentages
- Multiplication, Division
- Calculator work (or not!)
- Decimals, rounding, context
- Ratios, chance, risk, strategy
- Angles, measurement, scale
- Speed, distance, time
- Maths modelling… what happens if?
- Engine performance, aerodynamics, gears, suspension
- Team strategy, working together
- Interpreting graphs, statistics
- Data handling
- Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
- Functional Maths Skills
- And can you imagine what you could achieve in your STEM Club as well?

The Challenge is now recognised as something that not only motivates both the students and teachers who take part, it also brings a freshness to the teaching and learning of mathematics across the board. Indeed, from teacher feedback, it has become clear that the Challenge, and what it is achieving, is stretching way beyond the maths classroom and into all walks of school life! Why not contact us today and let your students join in the fun?


The Challenge is recognised by the STEM Directories as being a scheme to enhance and enrich the learning of students and are also linked to the curriculum of all years and age groups. Click here for more information.


Students taking part in the Challenge are eligible to register for a Bronze CREST Award as we are a ‘Linked Scheme’.

Click Here for full details.


As an approved Linked Scheme, we are delighted to confirm that time spent working on the Challenge completing a CREST Bronze Award can now count towards the ‘Skills’ section for a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award too! This section of the DofE aims to inspire young people to develop practical skills, and personal interests – just like the Challenge!

You can find out more about this at by clicking here or by contacting your local CREST co-ordinator.



Recent News

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2014/15 First Knockout Round

20th March 2015

Today saw the Primary and Secondary knockout rounds take place. The fastest time for the race at Valencia Circuit was 1hr 22m. The semi final deadline is 7th May 2015.

42 Youngsters Caught Racing About at BETT 2015!

26th January 2015

If ever there was a demonstration of what is good about our youngsters it was at London’s  BETT Show recently.  42 children set up cars and took part in a ‘live’ competition.  Click here for a full report and photos!

Another First for the Challenge

23rd January 2015

We broadcast a race ‘live’ on internet radio that could be watched by ANYONE IN THE WORLD!

First Ever Cloud Based Race in Australia

16th December 2014

Kingston Primary School in Western Australia raced for the first time today. Click here to see who won!

Christmas Comes Early in Burgh-le-Marsh

12th December 2014

Click here to see the festive MIM Club at Burgh-le-Marsh Primary with the winner of the 2014 Teacher’s Race!

Our Winners at Silverstone!!

26th November 2014

Our Primary National Champions visited Silverstone Circuit today. Click here to see what fun they had!

Harrow School, Beijing Win Autumn Fun Race!

27th October 2014

The team representing Harrow School, Beijing won this week’s Autumn Fun Race and second place went to Prestwood Junior School, Buckinghamshire. Completing the podium was Blackheath High School, LB of Greenwich . This is the first time that a school in China has won one of our races so a big ‘Well Done!’ goes to them from all of us.